Aquaprofit & CSR

Heart, Head and Hands: The essence of Corporate Social Responsibility

Aquaprofit believes, in the 21st century, it should be part of our culture that every change we make in our environment should be carefully planned, taking into account sustainable development, regardless of whether it's a water management, environmental or regional development project.

In line with this, in our everyday work, we operate with the long term benefits for the communities and cities we work for in mind. However, we also believe that this, alone, does not constitute CSR strategy. The essence of CSR is for us to do voluntarily act for the common good, which otherwise would not be in the company’s interest. These actions do not directly or indirectly benefit the company. The key to sustainable development in the future is education, new solutions, so our corporation is engaged in education and development of strategic thinking and creativity. This is the reason why our company has supported chess and education for more than a decade.