Cluster tender development of the "South - Transdanubian Industry Cluster"

Client: Aquaprofit Ltd. – company project

Project duration: 01. 11. 2011. – 31. 10. 2013

Project tasks: During project completion, we developed complex spa IT system for thermal spas and wellness-hotels, through which guest movement can be followed up, and the capacity can be optimized, thus, seasonal overload can be eliminated, and a unique, adequate package offered for potential guests. Through up-to-date technology, the adventure and thermal spa use becomes human centered, and by offering solutions tailored to individual needs, becomes a unique complex in the market.

Aquaprofit Technology, Consulting and Investment Company, additionally to obtaining and customizing the back-up program Interface modul, also obtained the system’s physical components, such as 500 pieces of active RFID tag, 50 RFID reader package, 5 guest terminals, and 1 application server configuration.


Project information (in Hungarian):