Sárvár Thermal Spa: International tourism service development project

Client: Sárvár city local government, Sárvári Gyógyfürdő Ltd.

Project time: 2006

Project tasks: Sarvar Spa Kft. with the assistance of Aquaprofit Ltd. won a 900 million HUF non-refundable grant, within the framework of New Hungary Development Plan (Új Magyarország Fejlesztési Terv) „to increase the Sarvar Spa and Wellness Center’s service development project’s international significance.” The total investment was 3 billion HUF. The investment aimed at launching a spa and health tourism center to serve several generations. Furthermore, the development project intended to utilize alternative energy sources with minimal environmental impact. The spa development project’s key stage is the creation of a new, family-oriented indoor spa wing with all year opening, which mostly serves the families with children, and provides pleasant pastime activities for young adults.

Further information (in Hungarian): www.sarvarfurdo.hu