Preliminary impact assessment of Drava river at the Dravakeresztur settlement

Client: Dél-dunántúli Környezetvédelmi és Vízügyi Igazgatóság (South Transdanubian Environmental Protection and Water Management)

Project duration: August 2010 - April 2011

Project tasks: During river regulation the larger river bends were straightened and some side-streams were closed by riprap, thus many side-streams were established. The planned revitalization of the side-stream was the result of partial demolition of the closing dam, and the dredging of the sidestream’s certain parts.

The Preliminary Impact Assessment Document and the Environmental Impact Study presented the Dravakeresztur II side-stream’s revitalization method, in each phase (construction, operation, desistance), and the environmental impact during the possible event of havaria, with the examination of effects on environmental elements.