Inke üzemelő vízbázis diagnosztikai vizsgálata és biztonságba helyezése (KEOP-2.2.3/A/09-2010-0012)

Client: Inke Község Önkormányzata (Local Government of Inke settlement)

Project duration: 25 July 2012 – 9 February 2014

Project tasks: During the water resource diagnostics and protection project, Aquaprofit Ltd. completed the following design and construction tasks: data collection and processing, the condition survey and facility planning, licensing and construction of monitoring wells. To protect the water base, planning and developing the water resource monitoring system, drafting the protection plan in line with the authorities. To safely install the water resource, the area’s geological, hydrogeological aspects, as well as the environment’s state needed to be researched, to comply with the government’s safety zone regulations of wells according to the legislation 123/1997. (VII. 18.)

Further information on the project: