Utilization of renewable energy at the capital's zoo and botanical garden

Client: Fővárosi Állat- és Növénykert (The Capital's Zoo and Botanical Garden)

Project duration: 14. 09. 2011 – 30. 06. 2012

Project tasks: The new heating system in the Capital’s Zoo and Botanical Garden was introduced through the cooperation of three capital-based companies and institutions, which, by using geothermal (thermal) energy of 100 Asian bull elephant weight, ie. reduces environmental load by 500 tons of carbon dioxide, saving public money in the meantime. Consequently to the development, since 2012, heating of the Városliget (the City Park) institution is mostly supplied by the thermal water heat of the Szechenyi spa. The new system provides a total of 80,000 cubic meters of air space in 26 buildings, and thus gives adeqaute warmth to more than 350 animal species and nearly 500 plant species’ thousands of colonies.

Project information (in Hungarian): www.zoobudapest.com/rolunk/fejlesztesek/megujulo-energia